Twist in the web…

Well just saw the latest franchise of the world’s favourite web slinging super hero – Spiderman 3. The movie is packed with characters that it doesn’t give you any room and time to blink. The plot is fast and the graphics are sleek, besides a terrific story to go with it. The all of New York is basking in the name of Spiderman; he has become everyone’s favourite hero. New York now is free of any crime, Mary Jane is a theater actress and Peter is a science student. All is well in the city protected by Spiderman.

Suddenly a meteor crashes on the earth, carrying a black organism that moves anywhere; it sticks itself onto Peter’s bike. A prisoner, the real killer of Uncle Ben runs away from prison falls into an experimental pit and transforms into Sandman, a man that can change to any shape and with great power.

There is Harry Osborn, who wants to avenge his father’s death by killing Spiderman, he then takes up the responsibility and becomes the Green Goblin. There is a terrific fight sequence where the Green Goblin is defeated and has an accident where Harry has a short term memory loss. He forgets that Peter is actually Spiderman and becomes friends with him again.

One more adversary is Eddie, a freelance photographer who is trying to live on Spiderman’s pics threatening Peter at the Daily Bugle.

Mary Jane here is submissive, after she is fired from her theater, she feels low and with Spiderman/Peter basking in the glory of the city, she is jealous. Also when Spiderman kisses the chief’s daughter when receiving the key to the city, because Spiderman has actually saved the girl, MJ is broken and she tries to get to Harry.

The best part of the script is that Peter/Spiderman explores his “dark side,” a gambit of tiresome psychological value but with the obvious side benefits of temporarily suspending his goody two-shoes personality and giving him a new, black costume. The entire ploy really amounts to is an interlude in which Peter struts around the city with a trendy new haircut ogling women and humiliating Mary Jane with some aggressive nightclub antics. Here is where Spiderman/Peter is fighting his own ego.

Eventually the black thing from space finds a new host in Eddie and thus Venom is formed, a snake like creature with powers as good as Spiderman’s.

The climax is almost the same as the earlier two films, Mary Jane is the bait used to lure Spiderman to face the bad guys. But herein lays the difference. Watch it to twist in the tale.

The movie is OK not as bad as I had thought nor as good as I expected, I read this some place before – with great success comes great expectations.