Its time to be Good :)

Yesterday, some of my friends on Twitter started a unique campaign to lighten up Diwali – the festival of lights. Every tweet with the hashcode #DeepWish would contribute a certain amount from those who wish to join in to a charity called Goonj that works for educating the girl child.

What started as Rs. 0.25/- per tweet grew to Rs. 51/- per tweet and growing. This initiative started by @anaggh quickly caught up with the Twitterati and there have been over 380 tweets wishing Happy Diwali 🙂 #DeepWish

Here is a list of Twitterati who contributed towards this noble cause. (Updated)

TOTAL Rs. 63.75/-

You wish to contribute too, please send an email to me and I will get things done.

Thank you and wish you a very Happy Diwali 🙂

Read more on #DeepWish


And we’re done. #DeepWish is closed. 42 people, 476 tweets x Rs 63.75/tweet = Rs 30, 345. !! Plus some beautiful people who gave some lump some of Rs. 23, 072. 🙂 The Total Rs. 53, 417/-

Revisiting: 10 things to do before I turn 30

Last year I wrote about 10 things to do before I turn 30, so here I am re-visiting it again.

Here are the 10 thigns again and my comments below in italics 🙂

  1. Work for myself
  2. Still far far away from this, wonder when I’ll get close

  3. Drive a car
  4. Learnt to ride a two-wheeler, I have a Learning License and ready to be tested for a pukka license. 🙂

  5. Learn French, Spanish, German
  6. Thought of starting this and then left in between, lack of dedicated time..

  7. Get lost in a country where I don’t speak the language (a real wild one )
  8. Wild one, not sure if this will see light.

  9. Do a Parachute jump from a plane
  10. Same here, wild one.. hehe 🙂

  11. Make a bet I couldn’t afford to lose
  12. Looking for some one to bet, anyone interested?

  13. Get in the habit of excersising. Every Single Day.
  14. Started gymming, but couldn’t continue, laziness and wordload creeping in. 😦

  15. See the world
  16. Yeah, gonna do this some day 🙂

  17. Learn to play a musical instrument with some expertise
  18. Waiting in the wings… 🙂

  19. Get Married
  20. In about 2-3 years from now 🙂

Let me know if you can play a part in helping me getting these things done 🙂

Not So Secret Ballot After All

Chaos reigned when I told the polling officer that I want to vote for no one in the list of the candidates listed. She simply said that I could not do like that. I told her that there is a provision provided to do just that and its Section 49-O. She asked the Booth in-charge for help, but the Booth in-charge too did not have a clue on what this section was. This chaos went on for almost 10 minutes on the correct process to handle situations like this. Finally the representative from the Election Commission was summoned and he calmly asked the Booth in-charge to get my signature on  the sheet and add in that I am not voting for the candidates that are listed in there and then himself sign the sheet.

With this drama happening in the polling booth, almost all of the people who stood behind me to cast their votes came to know about my choice, which is not the ideal scenario for something that’s known as a ‘Secret Ballot’

I feel that the best possible way to get out of such situations is for the Election Commission to introduce a button on the Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs) saying ‘None Of The Above’ . This will maintain the feature of ‘Secret Ballot’ and yet get to exercise the option of not voting for any of the candidates listed in the sheets.

10 things to do before I turn 30

I turned 25 today 😀

Here are a quickfire 10 things that I want to do before I turn 30.

  1. Work for myself
  2. Drive a car
  3. Learn French, Spanish, German
  4. Get lost in a country where I don’t speak the language (a real wild one :P)
  5. Do a Parachute jump from a plane
  6. Make a bet I couldn’t afford to lose
  7. Get in the habit of excersising. Every Single Day.
  8. See the world
  9. Learn to play a musical instrument with some expertise
  10. Get Married

Hope that these are not that difficult to achieve.

Cheers 🙂


“The warden threw a party in the county jail.
The prison band was there and they began to wail.
The band was jumpin and the joint began to swing.
You should’ve heard those knocked out jailbirds sing.
Let’s rock, everybody, lets rock.
Everybody in the whole cell block
Was dancin to the jailhouse rock.”

Woke me up from my sleep, I found my mobile phone singing in Elvis’ voice, I picked it up and answered the call.
“Wake up, you sleepy log… kitna soyega (how much would you sleep)… mera kaam karna hai na (you have to do my work)…” blurted my friend, I was not in a mood to listen to him at this moment, I had just woken and my eyes felt weak towards the sunlight pouring down the window in my room.
“That is to be done on Tuesday, tomorrow; the bank is closed on Mondays…” I gave him a dose of his own medicine.
“Oh hello. Today is Tuesday and if you don’t do this right now, you would not be able to finish it in time and would be late for work” he retorted back.
“What the hell”, I snapped back, “Today is Monday and I am on leave today and FYI, I am going back to sleep” I was just about to cut the call when he started laughing out loud.
“Dude, this is no April fool joke, I am damn serious, today is Monday and I am going back to sleep, if you wish to laugh your minds off it, you are welcome to do that, bye” and I angrily cut the call.
I looked at the date come on my mobile phone screen; it showed 11-Sep-07. I wondered what was wrong, why is my phone showing a date in the future… nervously I crawled out of the bedroom and into the living room to switch on the TV, I scanned for the news channel, it too showed the 11th of September, 2007 and were showing a re-run on the 9/11 bombings. I was out of my mind at that point of time, wondering what was happening, totally confused, I called in my cousin to confirm what I was experiencing, was that a dream or a reality, she told me the same thing, it was the 11th of September, 2007 a Tuesday and not Monday as I claimed to be.

Freak, I lost an entire day, I have no recollection of the day prior to this, a day was completely deleted from my life and that too my 24th birthday! I just sat there on the couch wondering was it still a dream or what was happening to me. How could I loose a day? How come? I was confused. I realized that the only thing that would actually solve this is trying to recollect all that happened before I went off to sleep… happy with that realization, I sat down on the couch trying to remember my last memory, but my memory kept failing me, I simply couldn’t make out any thing that could cause such a huge calamity, I felt like loosing my 24th year of existence that to on my birthday! Surely friends and relatives must have met me on that day, called in or sent sms wishes to me, frantically I grabbed my phone, it was the new one I purchased last night I thought, or was it the night before, my other mind was trying to live in the present while one part firmly believed that it was indeed Monday and people are playing very dirty tricks on me, but then my reasoning mind said that my near and dear ones can play such tricks but what about the TV channels, they are no friend of you. So frantically I searched for any call records or sms’s that might have been through my cell phone, there were no entries for the day, it seemed that the date 10th September, 2007 was vanished from the world and my mobile phone. For once I felt that I was going mad, but then suddenly I tried to recollect what I had done on the Sunday evening.

So, I met a few of my friends in the evening at around 7 – 7:30, and then I had gone to that mobile shop to find out if the phone that I wanted had arrived in the shop, the shopkeeper told me that it was on the way and was expected sometime soon, relieved I walked back home and started preparations for the dinner that I was treating my family to. We were going to this restaurant for the first time and we were made to wait as all the tables were full. After around half an hour we were led to a small table that catered for four and we sumptuously ate the food served there. On the way back home, I went in to the mobile shop to find out if the phone had arrived, the shopkeeper felt relieved on seeing me. He said that he tried once too many times to call me and let me know that the phone had come in. he gave me the phone, just the one that I wanted, I was happy, so were my parents and my brother, who would now get to use my current phone for which he has been longing for long now.

I then purchased the phone using my debit card and got back home. I then used my brother’s SIM card in my current phone and entered all my contacts into the new phone, carefully not making any mistakes; this took me quite some time enough for me to realize that I had a decent number of contacts on my cell phone, so once I had entered the last of the contact I set the alarm for me to get up early and go to the church for mass. And I slept.

That was all that I could remember, and no further, suddenly I was woken by Elvis asking me to do some Jailhouse Rock. I still wondered what went wrong, how did I end up loosing an entire day and that to an important day like my birthday. So I sat down frustrated and had a look at the time, it was almost time for me to get ready to go to work, but some how the feeling of missing an entire day was not settling in to me. I called up my colleague and told her that there might be a chance that I might not be in office today, she resented and told me that she had faced a lot of hardships yesterday when I was not in office and she counted on me coming to office today to solve some pending issues. I said that I’d definitely try to be in office today then, just would be a little late. I told her as I was coming to terms of this unusual feeling that had taken over me.

Just then my friend again called and I told him the entire story about loosing a complete day, he laughed at my story and told me that I would make a very good story writer, “Don’t you remember that we were at your place in the evening, you lazed around all day doing nothing at all!” I told him that I tried to remember it all but just couldn’t. He then told me to forget all about it and get to work as it was already getting late.

I am wanting to finish off this, I need some suggestions, please let me know if you have any. Let me tell you that this is actually a dream that I had on Monday and was wondering what it would be like to loose an entire day of your life… and that too your birthday!