Amazon Customer Success

I ordered for a router via Amazon (TP-Link Archer C20 AC750 Wireless Dual Band Router) on the 7th of August, 2016. It was shipped with a delivery date of 17th August, 2016. However, the delivery date was pushed to 20th August, 2016 just before the router was to be delivered. The courier company’s (Delhivery) tracking number was displayed on the Amazon order page, but it did not show any tracking details. I checked the Delhivery’s site with the tracking number, but there were no status updates on the router.

I decided to wait until the 20th, but the router did not come. I contacted Amazon support via their chat service on the 21st and they mentioned that they will inform Delhivery to deliver the router on that day, however, it was not the case to be.

On the 22nd, I called Amazon in the morning to check the status of the router, however the CS agent sounded clueless and gave me the same resolution as before, they will ask Delhivery to deliver the router by 8PM. Out of curiosity, I checked the tracking status on Delhivery’s site, it said that the shipment was not received, I sent out a tweet to the Delhivery twitter ID and they confirmed the same that they have not received the physical shipment from Amazon. This was puzzling me, hence I called up Amazon again and after explaining my ordeal again to the CS (Raghavendra), he consulted with his supervisor and offered me a replacement of the router. Along with the replacement, he offered a gift voucher worth ₹200 for the delays that this particular order had caused.  

Guess what! Amazon has superceeded it’s service by delivering the router today  🙂 I am a very happy customer.






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