Lyfe as it is

There have been a number of challenges that I have faced in these 27 years that I have lived so far. Some have been met with success, some with failure, while some I have failed to notice.

Now, a new challenge awaits me. All through my 27 years, I have never lived away from my family for a long time. Discounting the trip to Dublin which was a two and a half month affair.

Now, I have to move on to a complete new city away from my family for a longer duration.

There are one too many thoughts that are running through my mind right now on how I’ll be able to manage things there. Life at home was easy. You have the house to live in, have mom to cook you delicious food, have friends and family to take care of all the other things. In short you realy did not have to worry about the other things in your life they merged into it almost seamlessly.

The problem now is that I would have to integrate these other things into my life so as not to disturb the continuity of life.

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