House to Home

I would be re-building the house that I have lived in for 26 years now. We are ready to demolish the 50 year old structure this month and start with the foundation and columns later this month.

The house ‘Bella-Kunj‘ was built by my grandfather, in the 1960’s and has seen four generations of Almeida’s. Currently there are two families occupying the house, my uncle on the ground floor and our family on the first floor.

The reason for taking this extreme step of bringing down the house is mainly due to the age of the house. It has begun to show the signs of aging, there are cracks emerging on the surface and the house shakes when we walk on the terrace :(.

So, now there will be two separate houses in the area that the current house occupies. One for us and one for our uncle’s family.

I would be posting the milestones for this mega event as they happen with photographs, so do keep watching this space.

3 thoughts on “House to Home

  1. i know its hard to see old things come down. Especially the house where we ‘ve spent our entire youth!
    But its also necessary and also you will have a posh bungalow!

  2. Thanks Roh 🙂

    I agree with you on the nostalgia being robbed when you tear down the house you have grown in, but its life and it has to move on 🙂

    Cheers 🙂

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