Problems Galore!!

Some of the major problems that India faces

  1. Over-Population
  2. Water shortage in most parts of the country
  3. The standard of education in government schools
  4. High cost of real estate in urban india
  5. A ‘slow’ and ‘overburdened’ legal system
  6. Bad (pot holed) Roads
  7. The absence of a pan indian attitude to Hindi
  8. Communalism and divisive politics
  9. Low wages/rewards to the army
  10. Unemployability of youth
  11. Lack of jobs which pay decent wages.
  12. High cost / unavailability of electricity
  13. Farmer suicides & debt
  14. Inability to produce Olympic calibre sportsmen
  15. Border disputes with China and Pakistan
  16. Terrorists (internal)
  17. Terrorists (external)
  18. A poorly equipped police force
  19. Corruption in government
  20. Poor pay for nurses, teachers, police, armed forces
  21. Lack of healthcare in rural india
  22. Noise pollution in cities
  23. Environmental pollution
  24. Open sewage drains
  25. Open garbage bins
  26. Slums (not slum dwellers)
  27. Apathy in public service bodies, like the passport office, ration shop, government hospitals, rtos, electricity office, water supply board, city development authorities.
  28. Domestic violence, child labour, single woman, safety of ladies, economic issues of elderly people, corruption in municipal corporation…

Can we try to tackle these problems and emerge as a better India?

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