This is fun game that I have been playing with my colleagues while coming back home from work and it’s called “contact”. Here is how it goes.

Name of the Game: Contact

Number of Participants: More than 3

Type of Game: Anywhere you like

Game Play: So we got three players, lets name them A, B and C. A thinks of a word in his mind and B and C have to guess the word one letter at a time by giving clues to stump A, but C should be able to guess / “contact” the word. B and C start the countdown to the word. In the meanwhile, A tries to guess the new word. Once the countdown is complete and A cannot guess the new word, he has to spell out the second alphabet of the original word he had thought. And then the same cycle continues.

Example: A chooses a target word of “elephant” and announces to the players the first letter is “e” B mentally guesses the target word to be “eskimo,” and asks “I live in an igloo?”  A correctly respond to the guess by saying “It’s not an eskimo” Play continues with the next player making a guess. Or A incorrectly responds to the guess by saying something like “It’s not an elephant” (or any word beginning with “e” that is not eskimo) or fails to respond. If B and C successfully make contact, ie, successfully guess the word “eskimo” correctly after the countdown, A reveals the second letter of the target word to be “l”. Play continues with players making guesses using words that begin with “el”

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