Get Out and Vote!

Voting is a right which has been given by our Constitution and is very crucial for existence of a democratic set up. Unfortunately, half of the country’s population does not participate in this process. This is really a very sad approach on the part of the citizens. In some countries people are literally dying to be able to cast a ballot and make a difference. So my request to all of the concerned citizens to vote in the upcoming elections at any cost.

There are several other reasons to vote:

  • You should believe that every single vote counts. Governments have fallen and candidates have lost by one vote. So dont’t feel that your vote does not matters.
  • By voting you get the choice to choose the leaders. You decide whom do you want to lead.
  • Through voting you can express your opinion. Many of us want to convey what we feel about particular policy or how things should be. Voting is the best way to do that.
  • By voting you ensure that the candidate is made accountable to the public.
  • Voting is your national duty. If you vote then it shows that you are respecting the constitution of India.
  • If you get out to vote on election day, you can set right example for people around you. Let everyone know that you care enough about your homeland.
  • If you don’t vote you really have no right to complain about government decisions/policies you don’t like.
  • If you feel that each candidate is worst/corrupt/not eligible for vote. Go ahead and make use of 49-o and say “I Vote Nobody”. Else select best from worst.
  • The entire election process is based on ceratin arithemetics/calculations. After all it is just a number game. But if the voting percentage increases then let me tell you that only deserving candidates will be elected. It is only when we fail to vote, wrong people are elected.

This time around there are maximum number of young voters. Our past generation might not have voted but this generation needs to change the few things. A democracy is of no use when the government is of the people, for the people but not by the people.

There are few important topics looming over India which will decide our future. And the result of these policies will be inherited by the coming generation. The economic reforms, getting more digitalized, global warming, environment, fuel consumption, infrastructure, security, national integrity etc. It is very easy to be unconcerned about your right to vote and take a “whatever, who cares” kind of attitude about it. If you don’t vote, you effectively blow away your ability to have any influence as to how these issues should be sorted or how these issues will play out in future.

You will have to decide what you want to give to your coming generation. If you are taking voting for granted then just check out internet to find how many people have fought/died to get this weapon in several other countries.

Remember, People who don’t participate in political and democratic process are punished to be governed by the dumb.

You will have to vote this time. It is your right, responsibility and a weapon which you are being given. Now, Go out and Vote!!

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