Batti Bandh Gul

Batti Bandh is an entirely voluntary event taking place on the 15th of December between 7:30 & 8:30 p.m. This event is aimed at requesting all of Mumbai to stand up for a cause that is greater than all of us. All you need to do is switch off lights and appliances in your home, shop, office, school, college or anywhere you are for 1 hour to take a stand against global warming. Just 1 hour.

This was supposed to be a voluntary event, but not for us in Vasai, it turned out to be a forced Load Shedding schedule with the current lost from 5:30in the evening to 8:30 at night that coincided with the campaign. So in terms, we managed to be a part of the campaign.

But what was the actual cause of the campaign? Regions in Maharashtra still face power cuts under the pretext of Load Shedding while Mumbai continues to shine in all its glitter. I am not jealous of the status that Mumbai is getting – It is a global city and it deserves to shine. But on the other hand, why should we suffer.

Earlier, there was Load Shedding scheduled only on Fridays, later as time progressed, the Fridays became alternate and then moving towards no Load Shedding at all. Then suddenly we started to have Load Shedding every single day.

What was the reason? The state dosent have enough electricity for all its people. How can we accept that when we can make day of night with huge lights.

Pray, please answer MSEB…

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