Wiki-fying Manickpur

Manickpur on Wikipedia

This was a long time due, posting Manickpur on the online encyclopedia that anyone can edit, Wikipedia. Well now, Manickpur officially has been wikified! is the link to be clicked to view this effort.

For this, I just used up one of my Saturdays to compile all the information I had from various sources that I had dug up during making the website, then it was all a case of just putting all the information together and putting it online on Wikipedia. The information for this was collected over a period of time working my way through various newsletters and translating them where necessary and also talking to various priests who have served Manickpur Parish along with some elderly people from Manickpur.

Believe me it was tough, just to understand how content is inserted into this encyclopedia took me a day, with all the various tags and special characters meaning different sets of formatting.

Then I found a special page from Wikipedia, that had all the cheats to edit this encyclopedia This page has the basics that are needed. Just follow this and you’ll never go wrong. 🙂

Over this weekend, I managed to insert even more things in the Manickpur Wiki, added an Infobox to showcase the Geographical coordinates, Time zone etc and also inserted some images relating to Manickpur.

Just a gentle reminder the link to click is

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