Back Home

So finally after a tiresome 13 hour journey from Dublin to Frankfurt and finally landing at Mumbai. Lufthansa treated me very well, the food was fantastic but there was a serious shortage of leg space. I being a little on the taller side felt a lot cramped to sit in those seats in the 747 jumbo jet. There was also an obvious difference with my experience with Swiss that the in flight screen was a large common one right in the front, as in the Swiss plane, this was behind the seat rest, so individual screens.

Again the in flight entertainment had a great movie to be watched
Pursuit of Happyness‘. I was impressed with the story and the screenplay with really superb acting by both Will Smith and his real son Jaden Christopher Syre Smith. For now I can say that Will Smith can act and his son is a real Oscar winner. The story touched my heart and the main aim that is portrayed in the movie that happiness is always chased for and you will never find happiness unless it is striven for.

As I reached the Mumbai Airport, I already began to feel the heat, it was 30 degrees C with heavy rains that lashed just before we landed. I quickly went through the necessary immigration and custom checks before I spotted my parents waiting for me. I ran towards them only to be brought to a halt by my brother and friend. Soon mom and dad were there and the first thing from mom’s mouth, “You appear to have lost weight.” Quickly I asked them to get on the road and get some wind blowing in my face, I was already wet with perspiration.

We came to Manickpur in about an hours time only to find out that there is no electricity across the village. The shedding was from 09:30pm and now it was almost 3:30am and still no sign of the electricity. I took a cold shower and sat on the swing in the gallery only then I felt relief.

I was not in a mood to sleep even after a tiresome journey just because of the sheer euphoria of getting back home. Anyways I did catch up on some sleep before getting over to places I wanted to visit and was back home in the evening when my fiends caught up on me.

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