The Time has come…

Tomorrow, I would be flying back to Manickpur, India, the place I call home. It has been more than 2 and a half months here in the land of leprechauns and their pots of gold, Ireland. I am very happy to get back home bit at the same time am feeling a little sad to leave such beauty behind and perhaps the dream of this wonderful country, one question lingers in my mind at the moment – would I ever come back here? I haven’t got a clue about this.

I have always believed in destiny. You are always lead to the place you are supposed to be. May be for the better may be for the worse. But if you try to change it then there could be problems created for you as well as the people around you. It is bit like changing the course of history. You can always go ahead and make history, but you cannot change history.

Anyways, I guess I was destined to travel to this beautiful country and meet so many interesting people that have already touched my heart that I am feeling so sorry to leave them.

So tomorrow a Lufthansa airplane will take me to Frankfurt and from there Mumbai and home. I am to fly early morning and would take me early morning the next day to reach home. I am already thinking of all that I want to do as soon as I reach home – eat food prepared by my mom, sleep, take a haircut, meet up with all the friends and just enjoy the feel good feeling till I get back to office on Monday.

I have experienced a lot here in Ireland that would stay cherished in my mind always. I wish I would come back here again. 🙂

So see you all after I am back home…

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