So finally I have shifted from my original apartment to a swanky well furnished 3 bed, 2 living and kitchen house. The people whom I was originally staying were expecting their relatives to come over this weekend, so I had to shift houses and more so because I had my stay extended so I had to change the house I lived here in Ireland.

I bid an emotional farewell to my earlier apartment mates, and headed to office with my luggage, after work I was taken to the new place that was 15 minutes away from the office by bus. I was there given all the necessary instructions and was guided through the place. There was one bad luck in there, the place was a new one so there was still no television set over there, so I had no means of entertainment and I was expecting a friend to come over from Mumbai only on Monday so there were 3 nights that I had to spend with out any entertainment except my books – which were a bunch of entertainment.

Now to the house, this has been taken by my office for the people who come in from offices worldwide to Dublin – for training or co-ordinating. I was the first one in the new house. There are arrangements for 5 people to stay in the house comfortably; there are 3 bed rooms where 2 of them have 2 beds. 2 living rooms that are spacious, a kitchen with all that is needed – utensils, fridge, freezer, oven, microwave, amongst other things. There is also a washing machine and an iron to take care of the soiled clothes. The house is in a part where it is very relaxing especially after a hard days work.

So here I am shifting places and having a ball of a time and enjoying the Celtic hospitality. What more can I ask for. And by the way, a television set is due on Wednesday 😉

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