One Week On…

It has been roughly one week since I landed up in Dublin. My experience on the plane was great and most amazing. I slept most of the Saturday and on Sunday I explored the Dun Laoghaire bay area of Dublin. Watching the office building from the ground gave a very different feeling. I would be working there for two whole months! And then again I continued my walk to the pier in Dun Laoghaire bay area, clicked some photographs (Flickr!) and retreated home. In the evening, I went up to the local church for a mass. A mass without any songs or music was so different than what I had experienced so far in my life.

Monday was an early start as I had to get to the Dublin office of my company! So breakfast was a quick one and I was off to the office. I was taken on a tour of the place by the person I report to and was given a brief input as to what I was going to do in Dublin. Quickly I met with people who I had worked with from the Mumbai office and exchanged pleasantries. Pretty soon the day was over.

Soon the week has flown past with me feeling that I was always a part of this great Irish culture. I felt that I do belong here and am no different from the person walking down the street. The people are very friendly; and they always have a smile on their face.

Well St. Patrick’s Day is coming, so be ready for a detailed report of what I was up to this weekend.

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