Load Unload

Vasai is still a developing town and hence there is this notion for the Government that it can apply all the loadshedding that it can on it. The problem of shortage of electricity has been created by the government and now it is haphazardly imposing the loadshedding on soft targets like Vasai. We are currently facing a loadshedding of 7 hours daily. There would be more hours added to the tally soon as per the government notification.
But the question still arises in my mind – “Why us?”. Mumbai by far has escaped the lot of places facing this power cut and when we see big flashing lighting and all the electronics running without any one to attend them, feel so frustrated like picking up a stone and hurling at the lights and mouthing some really foul words at the MSEB (Maharahstra State Electricity Board) that supplies the power to the state.
This is the new schedule for loadshedding in Manickpur are with effect from the 14th of February, 2007.

Day Time
Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday 06:30am – 10:00am & 01:30pm – 05:00pm
Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday 10:00am – 01:30pm & 05:00pm – 08:30pm

But then the time is not bounding to the people at MSEB, they can cut the current any time they wish.

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