Romping in Nasik

Been to Nasik for the feast of Infant Jesus yesterday. We started at 5:15 am from Manickpur in a mini bus with all our natak mandali (Members of Rasik Ranjan Natya Mandal). On our way we met many of our counterparts travelling the same journey from Manickpur as well as the entire of Vasai. The journey started on a great note but was slowed down by the traffic generated by travellers to either Nasik (for the feast), Shirdi (for veneration) or to Malegaon (for Ijetama religious congregation). The entire ghat was jam packed with cars, buses and trucks carrying loads of people and material to these places. Our bus was a bustling place of activity where everyone was in a different beat of travelling together as a huge family. Soon we started singing wedding and other songs making it sound that the buss was going to a great picnic.

My main aim to do all that travelling to a crowded place (I hate crowded places) were:

  • A distinct possibility of meeting my friend Frankline (Franky) who’s a novice with the Jesuits.
  • And ofcourse since all of us were going together, I could not resist the temptation.

So, after all that slow crawling on the Western Ghats, we finally reached the shrine at 12:10pm. I immediately began a hunt for Franky. After mass we finally spotted him and was overjoyed to see him after almost one and a half year span. We talked a lot about his life and my life in all these years.

After a quick lunch of delicious Chicken Biryani, we were off to take a stroll in the fair, where some of us made some silly purchases. After that we were off to the ghat of Panchwati where the Kumbh Mela is held. I clicked a few pictures while most of us shopped for raisins and grapes.

Then we were off to home, this was about at 06:30pm when we left for home, we were expecting to reach home by 11pm after eating at a roadside dhaba, but once again the crawling traffic caught us and we were stuck in that mad rush to get home. Finally after crossing the ghats, we got into a dhaba and ate to our heart’s content.

We reached home at 01:30am the next morning. So we almost had a 20 hour journey to Nasik. But since both my aims were fullfilled, I have no problems about the journey. The entire journey was marked with us singing loads of songs and having a great time together in the bus. I would possible think about going there once again the next year.

Photos uploaded to Flickr!. Check them at

One thought on “Romping in Nasik

  1. heya
    okie i am no stalker or nything,.,
    i just typed manickpur in google..n this was the result..
    i have been to nasik too
    its really an awesome place….yea tasted the grapes too
    loads of gud times
    kya re u just made old memories fresh in ma mind..

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