My First DigiCam

Nikon Coolpix S9

Well, today I bought myself my first Digital Camera – a Nikon Coolpix S9.

Its a 6 Mega Pixel Camera with a 3x zoom. This is an account of how I got about buying it.

I was intending to buy a Sony Cybershot DSC W50 or a DSC W55. I visited the Sony Word store on Marine Drive, but the salesman there told me that these cameras are still not launched in India. 😦 That was the end of my dreams. I called up my friend informing him so and my idea of returning home. But just wanted to try once more, so I got off at Dadar and headed off to JJ Mehta’s shop. I asked for the same Sony, but here too I got the same reply. Somehow wanting to buy a camera, I asked for either Canon or Nikon and lo there was the S9 sitting right in front of me. I asked him to show specifically the cameras with lithium ion batteries. He showed me the S9 and an other model, but with my kind of a budge, I settled for this one. Do let me know if you have noticed any issues with this camera. I dont want to regret buying this.

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